Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Preparing lessons on applications of sine curves tomorrow.. This is my whistle!

I have the sweetest kids

It's been a rough year, as I've already mentioned several times.  I think I finally have IFTTT working where it posts my #teach180 tweets correctly, so I'm going to try to post those more often.

In addition, I'm going to try to start focusing on the positive as much as I can.  Part of that focus is going to be a mini-version of the One Good Thing blog. 


My pre-calc kids took a quiz today. 

During the quiz 1st hour, I hear the door between my room and the lab next door open up and one of my 6th hour students coming through the door with a coffee cup.   He brings it over to me and says, "I went to McDonald's this morning and thought you might want some coffee." 

After 2nd hour, I started rearranging desks back to their normal table arrangement.  I looked up and one of my 2nd hour students had hung around after class to ask me if I needed any help after school.  I told him that I was good right now, but to definitely check with me in a few days.  I asked him if he needed volunteer hours for Key Club or something and his reply was "Nope, I do those hours as one of the elementary schools.  I just know you stay really late trying to keep up and I wanted to help."

These two young men have no idea how much their kindness meant to me today.