Monday, December 1, 2014

Day 70.. Quilt time

More practice before Thanksgiving and some coloring time!  :)

Day 69... Pizzazzz

When reviewing basic probability,  I love these middle school math pizzazz books!  Corny  riddles are a hit!

Day 68.. Practicing

Some days you just have to PRACTICE!   Especially with probability problems!   I asked the students to summarize what they learned in the last box :)

Day 67... Taking notes

Today I wanted the students to take some notes but I really didn't want to lecture.   Instead I posted the PPT slides around the room and the kids walked around to copy them.  Each station also had some practice problems so the kids were more engaged than with traditional note taking. . Win!

Day 66.. Speed Dating

I really had a lot of fun with this strategy!  We used it to review for a quiz and the kids said it was very useful! 0

Day 65.. Stations

I forgot to take a picture again :(

Day 64.. Jigsaw

One of my go to strategies is a Jigsaw for the kids to split up the work and collaborate with their peers.

Day 63... Residuals

I'm not doing so great at this pic a day this quarter. . :(

Day 62... Give One

I asked the students to draw a huge Tic Tac Toe board on their notebook.   On the top row,  they had to write 3 things they had learned this week.   Then they had to get up and exchange notebooks with 6 others.  Good way to get the kids up and moving!

Day 61... Give One

Kids called this Yearbook Signing Party  but the more common name is Give One Get One. ...

Day 60... Wandering Point

No photo today but I am saddened by the number that struggled with graphing a line by plotting two points :(

Day 59... Practice Time

Some days you just have to figure out how to provide interesting practice... Today they worked on some regression problems at their own pace while I conferenced with individual students.

Day 57 and 58

Whoops... forgot to take a photo!

Day 56... Project Time!

One of the benefits of having a 1:1 school is the ease of working on a data gathering project.   Students gathered data on the age of a car versus is asking price.

Day 55... More about r

For the warmup today,  I gave the students some notes about correlation then had them discuss  common correlation blunders.