Thursday, September 5, 2013

Day 17... Experimental Design

The past few days were vocabulary intensive, which doesn't make for the most interesting pictures. However, in this shot you can see several of today's activities... To start class today, we did an AP Free Response, which you can see in the upper left side. Then, we took some notes over the Principles of Experiments in a foldable that you can see in the lower right side of the photo. We followed that up with a Problem Set, which this young person was working on when I snapped the picture. I do have to say that I love how I'm doing homework this year in AP Stat. On a daily basis, students recieve a short problem set of 1-2 problems that pertain to the information we are working on. So far, the kids have really done a great job of taking care of business and doing these on a daily basis.

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