Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Day 5... Welcome Back!

As a warm up today, students were given 6 post it notes to answer 6 questions around the room.   This is definitely on the keeper list for first day activities! !!


  1. What a great idea!! Are the post-its color-coded to the class period? How long did the activity take? How do you plan to do use the results for yourself or your students? Love to see a write-up in the Math4Monday sometime :)

  2. Yes. I bought packs of small post-its from Dollar Tree. I have 4 hours, so each hour has a color. I used this as a warmup activity on Day 1, so it took maybe 10 minutes total? For me, it was more about information, but this is definitely an activity I would use again for a more formal idea.

  3. What were the other 2 questions?

  4. There were 6 questions total:
    Qualities of a Good Teacher
    Qualities of a Good Student
    My goal this year is...
    This will be my BEST year of math because...
    I learn best when..
    Mrs. T can help me most by...

  5. Very cool. Did you have the kids do a gallery walk when they were all posted?