Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Day 68... Cheerios and a Language Lesson

Today in AP Stat was our final day on non-linear regression. Today's data involved using Cheerios to measure the diameter and area of circles, then using that data to create a best-fit model. I'm a pretty big stickler on no food in my room, so the students are always so excited when we have an activity that uses food! :) The kids are surprised every year by the variety of Cheerios flavors out there and this year was no exception!

Then, in Intermediate Algebra, we had an impromptu language lesson. My school has a large Burmese population and today during class, I overheard a conversation about what numbers looked like in Burmese. I invited one of the students to share with the class about Burmese numbers and it was simply fascinating! I totally want to start writing my "8s" in Burmese! :)

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